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An Investment in Life

The Cyprus Citizenship Programme is a unique investment opportunity to guarantee a future lifestyle you’ll cherish.
As a Cypriot, you’ll enjoy the freedom to live, work and travel visa-free anywhere in the European Union and Switzerland. You earn the same rights as a European citizen, and are allowed multiple citizenships.

This citizenship is permanent, valid for life, and applies for your family, including your spouse and dependents. You are not required to renounce your current nationality or reside in Cyprus.

The Citizenship Program
at a Glance

Invest €2 million with the option to resell €1.5 million after 5 years.

  • Travel visa-free with EU citizen rights to over 157 countries
  • The citizenship is valid for life with no need to renew
  • No minimum stay before or after approval
  • Ready-to-move freehold property
  • Free movement of capital, services and goods
  • Zero inheritance, wealth, gift and immovable property tax


Cyprus Permanent
Residency at a glance

As a Cyprus Permanent Residency holder, you and your family are free to enter Cyprus without a visa, and need to visit Cyprus once every two years at least for one day. As a Cyprus Permanent Resident, you have the right under certain conditions, to apply for a Cypriot passport following their physical presence on the Island. This in effect is your European passport!

  • Invest just €300,000 (plus VAT is any) in a new property, from a licensed development company
  • Permanent Residence for your whole family Fast-track procedure of about 2 months
  • Valid for life with no need to renew No minimum stay requirement
  • Visa-free entry to Cyprus
  • Ready-to-move freehold property with a clear title deed


Cyprus Investment

A member of the European Union and the Eurozone, Cyprus is a strategically located, cosmopolitan haven.

Renowned for its advisory, financial and shipping activities and its recent discovery of natural gas, Cyprus is ripe with oportunities – a bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa.

A business-friendly government, and a host of tax exemptions only make it ideal for the business minded.

Mild winters and pleasant summers make it a year long destination. It is a treasure trove of beaches, shiny new marinas, exciting casinos, modern healthcare, luxurious spas, outdoor and sports facilities, entertainment and cultural events. All complemented by a cosmopolitan lifestyle, vibrant VIP nightlife and world-class restaurants.

Cyprus welcomes the diverse communities who choose to make it their home. You’ll feel like you belong right here from the start.