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Mar 30, 2021

Cyprus welcomes arrivals from main tourist markets

The health ministry on Monday upgraded Russia, the UK, China, Ukraine, Lebanon, Egypt, Belarus ,UAE ,Jordan and Israel, the ten biggest markets for Cyprus in terms of tourism, from grey to red category, meaning passengers arriving from those countries do not have to self-isolate upon arrival.

They will, however, have to present two negative PCR tests, one within 72 hours before departure and another upon arrival in Cyprus.

Along with Russia, the UK and Israel, other countries that moved from grey to red include the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Belarus.

Serbia, the USA, Armenia, Georgia, Bahrain, Qatar have also been included in the list of red countries.

On the other hand, only a week after being upgraded to orange, Ireland has moved back to the red category.

The new classification of countries, which is based on their epidemiological conditions, will be effective from April 1, the ministry said.

The categories are in line with the guidelines of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The health ministry ranks countries based on the weekly evaluation of the ECDC. In cases of countries not assessed by the ECDC, this evaluation is done by the health ministry.

Travellers from countries in the Orange category require a negative PCR test certificate not older than 72 hours prior to departure while those coming from Red category regions require two negative PCR tests, one within 72 hours before departure and another upon arrival in Cyprus.

Green category travellers have no restrictions.

Passengers from Grey, or special permit category, countries, must submit a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours before departure and must self-isolate upon arrival in accordance with the instructions of the health ministry.

Green Category countries – Low risk countries at current stage

Schengen member states: 1) Iceland

Third countries: 1) Australia, 2) New Zealand, 3) Singapore, 4) Saudi Arabia

Passengers coming from the Green Category countries are not required to hold a Covid-19 test certificate or self-isolate.

Until March 31 all passengers from countries of the Green Category will undergo a PCR laboratory test upon their arrival in Cyprus, the cost of which will be covered by the Republic of Cyprus.

Orange Category countries – Countries with possibly low risk but greater uncertainty compared to the Green Category

European Union Member States: 1) Portugal

Third Countries: 1) China (including Hong Kong and Macau), 2) South Korea, 3) Thailand.

Red Category countries – Increased risk countries compared to the Green and Orange Categories:

European Union Member States: 1) Austria, 2) Belgium, 3) Bulgaria, 4) France, 5) Croatia, 6) Luxemburg, 7) Romania, 8) Spain, 9) Italy, 10) Greece 11) Malta, 12) Netherlands, 13) Hungary, 14) Poland, 15) Finland, 16) Slovakia, 17) Slovenia, 18) Czech Republic, 19) Estonia, 20) Latvia, 21) Lithuania, 22) Sweden, 23) Germany, 24) Denmark, 25, Ireland

Small states: 1) Andorra, 2) Monaco, 3) Vatican City, 4) San Marino

Schengen member states: 1) Switzerland, 2) Liechtenstein, 3) Norway

Third Countries: 1) United Kingdom, 2) Israel, 3) Russia, 4) United Arab Emirates, 5) Ukraine, 6) Jordan, 7) Lebanon, 8) Egypt, 9) Belarus, 10) Qatar, 11) Serbia, 12) USA, 13) Armenia, 14) Georgia, 15) Bahrain, 16) Rwanda

Countries not belonging in Green, Orange or Red categories belong to the Grey Category.

For the Grey Category (Special Permission) countries, entry into the Republic of Cyprus is only allowed for specific categories of passengers.

All passengers, regardless of country category, are obliged to submit an application for the CyprusFlightPass within 24 hours prior to their departure flight. Moreover, sample molecular laboratory testing of passengers on selected arriving flights will be carried out.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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