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Oct 26, 2021

IACOVOU & ZEMCO are in business since 1953.

Interview with the contractor of the Blu Marine Phase A Project in Limassol

The Contractor “IACOVOU – ZEMCO (BM) JOINT VENTURE” comprises of:


-ZEMCO CONSTRUCTION LTD, referred to below as “ZEMCO”

  1. How long have you been in business?

IACOVOU & ZEMCO are in business since 1953. In these 68 years IACOVOU group has grown in strength and now incorporates Iacovou Brothers (Constructions) Ltd, Iacovou Brothers (Concrete) Ltd, Iacovou Brothers Overseas Ltd. ZEMCO started business in 1956 and was registered with the Registrar of Companies on 04/04/1966 under the name ‘George P. Zachariades Ltd’.

  • In which fields is the company involved?

The two companies have a vast experience in buildings, namely hotels, high rise buildings, housing complexes, industrial buildings, Hospitals, Government Buildings, Athletic Facilities and Schools, Factories, warehouses, power stations, airports, desalination, water purification and waste water treatment plants, dams, as well as infrastructure projects including bridges, roads, highways, sewerage project, etc.

  • What projects does your license cover?

Both IACOVOU & ZEMCO are registered with the Council for Registration of Contractors as Class ‘A’ Contractors, for Building and Civil Engineering works, covering all types of construction, focusing on large-scale civil engineering and construction projects.

  • What are the competitive advantages of your company?

Both companies comprising our JV are recognized in the industry for their unrivalled quality and reliability, meeting or exceeding all construction standards and time deadlines.

Through our vertical integration we produce aggregates in our quarries which we are using for the production of concrete, giving us close quality control.

In addition, through our supply chain both locally and overseas offices, we do import reinforcement in ship loads rather than buying in small quantities from the local market which again gives us control over quality and price.

  • Do you build beyond Cyprus?

IACOVOU has carried out projects in several countries overseas mainly in Greece, UK, Poland, Kuwait, Gibraltar, Oman and Iraq (Governorate of Kurdistan), with current operations in Abu Dhabi, Bahrein and Oman.

  • Which are your biggest projects?

Some of the biggest and most well known projects we were involved in where the Larnaca & Pafos International Airports, multiple infrastructure & housing complexes for the British Sovereign Bases, high-rise developments in Nicosia & Limassol, the Larnaca Metropolis Mall and the Park Lane Luxury Collection 5 Star Resort in Limassol.

  • Which is your most high-end project?

The Limassol Blu Marine is certainly one of our most high-end projects alongside The Park Lane Luxury Collection 5 star resort in Limassol.

  • Tell is a few words about the team that will work on the Limassol Blu Marine

The team of professionals working on the Project has vast experience in construction of complex projects including hotels, high rise buildings, commercial buildings, varying from 5 to 40 years.

The management team comprises of the Project Director, Site Manager, Project Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Health & Safety Coordinator, Land Surveyors, supported by Senior MEP Coordinator, Planning Manager, Commercial Manager, Senior Health & Safety Officer and central Procurement Departments of both companies.

It is estimated that the average number of employees shall be around 250-350 at peak.

  • What is your quality assurance system concerning concrete and reinforcement?

Quality is of utmost importance, especially for the main components of the concrete structure. Based on our Quality control system which is part of our ISO and according to project’s specs, we submit our ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) and Method statement for concrete. Then, in coordination with the supervision team, we follow the procedures to ensure the following for steel and concrete:

  • Mechanical properties of the reinforcement to be utilized.
  • Dimension of the reinforcement.
  • Positioning of the reinforcement in construction prior to pouring of concrete.
  • Positioning of pre-stressing ducts.
  • Properties of the concrete mix designed to be applied in the structure.
  • Control of the coarse aggregates and fine aggregates getting into the concrete.
  • Mixing of the concrete.
  • Transmission of the concrete to the construction site.
  • Slump of the concrete.
  • Pouring of the concrete.
  • Control of adding water.
  • Vibration/Compaction of the concrete.
  • Arrangement of areas where various concrete pours are provided.
  • Control of compression test samples.
  • Control of formwork expulsion.
  1. How do you see the current issues with the supply and price of materials affecting the industry.

With the current situation importation and prices of goods has been generally challenging. However, our vertical integration, large scale buying and advance ordering of materials has helped the JV minimise the impact of such issues, deliver on time and remain within budgets. Unavoidably though, the increase in prices will lead to higher construction cost.

  1. By when are you expected to deliver Phase A of the Limassol Blu Marine

As per our contract Delivery is set for March 2024.

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