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Jan 19, 2023

Leptos Limassol Blu Marine construction progress time-lapse video !

The Leptos BluMarine development has been progressing day by day with construction work  continued steadily and rapidly. Phase A of the first tower has been progressing and we are looking forward to the next phase of the development.

The construction of the Leptos Group’s Limassol BluMarine will be one of the Leptos Estates landmark projects in Limassol that will contribute significantly to the Cypriot economy and the re-construction of the area, with high end residential, commercial and entertainment developments.

Already, Limassol Blu Marine has attracted interest from foreign investors and a large number of high-end buyers in luxury apartments and it aims to establish the area as a prime location for Cypriot and foreign companies dealing with innovation, technology, finance etc.

Limassol Blu Marine will be in the center of everything serving as a unique destination for every need as it will consist of specially designed offices, luxury homes, world-class facilities, as well  as unobstructed sea views. Until then, enjoy a short video that shows the journey of this magnificent project right from day one until today.

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