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May 11, 2020

Life, Investments, and Property in Limassol: All You Need to Know

Is it possible to immerse yourself completely in your career and business, finding yourself constantly at the forefront of global business development, whilst at the same time enjoying a laidback, reclusive family-oriented lifestyle? Finding a combination of outstanding property, promising investments and high-quality living may prove to be elusive, especially in one single location.

Limassol is unique in this sense, as it is amongst a handful of select locations on the planet, which offer just that.

Below you may find out why that is.

Limassol, Cyprus

The island of Cyprus features prominently as a highly favourable taxation destination, with a class-leading land registry system and an enviable legal system. Collectively, these features have been drawing an increasing number of professionals, businesses and investments on the island over the last four decades.

Cyprus offers high standards of healthcare and education, and those living in Limassol are able to access these top-level facilities. The majority of the island’s hospitable inhabitants speak fluent English and are able to provide all services on offer to people coming from abroad.

Life in Limassol

Limassol is a vibrant city in Cyprus that is ideal for everyday living. It boasts a wide range of amenities such as shopping centres, ample entertainment, marinas and dining options that cater to Limassol’s international population whilst also staying true to its traditional Mediterranean roots.

Limassol is a beautiful place to live in, with an abundance of natural views. From its stunning, blue flag beaches and mesmerising coastal areas, all the way up to the Troodos mountain range and the myriad of traditional villages and mountain resorts, Limassol offers something for everyone. This setting is ideal for those who like to keep active with a variety of water and winter sports on offer. Clear blue skies, a modern infrastructure that includes top range healthcare, low pollution and an inviting cosmopolitan lifestyle, coupled with a low crime rate, provide an unprecedented sense of wellbeing.

Furthermore, Limassol features a balanced blend of luxury developments such as ultra-modern high risers, elite villas, international business hubs and offices as well as extravagant hotels, alongside the traditional old town and historic city centre that allows its residents to enjoy both worlds effortlessly.

sea limassol property

Investment in Limassol

Recognised as the island’s ‘economic powerhouse’, Limassol offers much more than just a desirable lifestyle. People are attracted as it is renowned as a prime investment location. Start-up companies and established multinational businesses alike, have exhibited an equal preference for Limassol due to its high standards of living and working, thus making Limassol a premier international business hub. As previously mentioned, the majority of the diverse population speaks a high level of English, which allows for the effective handling of business, banking and legal matters; additional languages such as Russian and Chinese are also available.

Another important factor to consider is the opportunity to participate in the Cyprus Investment Program. This program enables those who invest 2 million euros in real estate, to attain a Cypriot passport. This programme has proven to be a magnet for discerned, high net worth individuals that wish to conduct business, travel and live freely within the European Union.

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Property in Limassol

Limassol has proven to be increasingly popular for permanent residency and investment. It boasts a high demand for property, specifically luxury Limassol properties, and a major push for further development and advancement. To meet this demand, a new, game-changing seafront luxury project, Limassol Blu Marine, currently under development, is set to transform the city into Europe’s new Riviera.

This project is skilfully placed at the heart of the city, and by the ‘Aktaia Odos’ seafront path. This street is set to become the prime connection between Limassol’s Business centre, Marina and Downtown areas, with the New Port, Dubai Cruise Terminal, as well as the city’s developments to the west, such as the main Shopping Malls, Casino Resort, Golf Resorts and Water Park. All of these developments are transforming Limassol into the largest regional playground, and will further re-enforce the appeal as a year-round tourist destination, with an estimated addition of over 300,000 tourists expected in West Limassol alone. Due to the absence of any hotels in the area, serviced living apartments in Limassol will be highly in demand.

According to the Limassol Municipality, ‘Aktaia Odos’ street will feature a seafront park, pedestrian walkways, cycling routes and facilities that will create a new public realm on the sea.

Limassol Blu Marine will maximise the best views of the city and the Mediterranean.  Strategically designed, the development will orientate towards the south, and provide unrivalled views of unobstructed coastlines and marinas. All apartments embrace an outdoor-living-in-mind concept, incorporating spacious balconies with panoramic sea views, even from kitchens and bedrooms.

Limassol Blu Marine boasts a number of elite amenities. An elevated sea podium, that stands 9 metres above sea level, will feature over 4,300 sqm of open areas, landscaped gardens, and a 50-metre infinity pool.  Positioned above the podium is a bistro that overlooks the sea alongside a gym and an unequalled 1150 sqm Spa. Residents of the project will also benefit from elite, 24-hr concierge services.

With all this in mind, Limassol Blu Marine offers the complete package to create the ultimate lifestyle that will change and define the face and status of Cyprus, and will drive the island’s economy for years to come.

When it comes to property, investments and living, think Cyprus. Think, Limassol Blu Marine.

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