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May 30, 2022

Limassol ranked in top 10 coastal cities

Limassol has been ranked as the tenth best coastal city break destination in the world by UK price comparison website

The study ranked 35 major coastal cities in the world on several factors such as the number of  attractions, quality restaurants,  Sandy beaches, trendy Instagram posts, safety and average annual temperatures.

Limassol ranked in tenth place with a score of 5.77.

Dubai ranked first with a score of 8.13, followed by Valencia in Spain and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Further study insights placed Hong Kong at the top of the ranking for the number of beaches with 41, whereas Istanbul emerged as the most “Instagrammable” coastal city in the world with 122.9 million Instagram posts.

The Tripadvisor platform records that, among others, Limassol has nine beaches, 177 activities, 380 restaurants, an average annual temperature of 18.7C, a safety index of 67.37 per cent and 1.7 million Instagram posts per year.

Popular cities in a lower position than Limassol include Rio de Janeiro, in 17th place, Cannes and Venice, which share 18th place, Los Angeles in 21st place, Naples in 25th and Athens in 27th.


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