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Jun 16, 2023

Newsletter: Premium, high-end Commercial properties available for sale in Cyprus

Now is the perfect time to open your business in ‘booming’ Cyprus. Leptos Estates offers an extensive selection of Commercial Properties and Shops for sale, catering to diverse budgets and business requirements in the vibrant cities of Paphos and Limassol.


Cyprus is widely recognized for its favorable business climate, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe. Additionally, Cyprus provides a supportive environment for businesses, with a wide range of sectors experiencing growth, including finance, real estate, services, and tourism. The country’s strategic location, with excellent connectivity to Europe, Asia, and Africa, further enhances its appeal as a business destination.

Paphos and Limassol are dynamic cities in Cyprus, boasting robust economies and a burgeoning tourism industry. By strategically positioning your business in these locales, you can tap into their thriving markets and capitalize on the opportunities they offer.

Leptos Estates, provides an array of options that can serve as ideal locations for your business ventures. For more details, email or telephone 8000 0707 or +357 99 150363.

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